Beauty can be seen in all things



You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed now without seeing at least 10 snaps of killer highlighted cheekbones. Everyone and their auntie wants to get on the highlighting, strobing and radiance-boosting bandwagon, and beauty brands are racing to bring you the new illuminating favourite. Here are 6 amazing products to help you achieve that coveted faux glow.

The Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner That Will Forever Change How You Wash Your Hair

I basically never break the rules, beauty or otherwise. As a kid, if the teacher left the classroom during a test, I was that nerd who kept working while everyone else frantically flipped through their books or shared answers. And as an adult, I take my makeup off every night, without fail — even when it's really late and the only thing around to remove my makeup is some warm water and a hand towel (sorry to all of the hand towels I've destroyed).

Best premium anti-ageing beauty products 2016 chosen by you

From anti-ageing moisturisers to wrinkle-busting serums, here are the luxury skincare products, which came out top in Notebook's Beauty Awards 2016. Here on the Notebook magazine beauty desk, we’ve cherry-picked the hottest anti-ageing skincare launches, then asked over 500 of you, our readers, to test them out for our annual Beauty Awards survey.

Oil-Infused Beauty Products Work Wonders

You're no beauty novice, but there's one ingredient that could be missing from your makeup and hair products.  Seriously, if you're not hip to the many ways that oil can completely save the day in a beauty emergency, listen up.

On its own, in its natural state, oil is pretty fantastic. We're talking jojoba, sunflower, olive—pretty much any and all oils do a darn good job of hydrating, healing and soothing.

3 Game-Changing Natural Beauty Products I Discovered on My Trip to South Africa

When most people visit South Africa, they spend their time going on safaris, having barbecues (known as "braais"), or enjoying the scenic coastal drive to Chapman's Peak. When an Allure editor travels there, it's about all of that—plus scouting out the best local beauty products, of course. Such was the case when I visited Cape Town for the first time recently. During my week-long trip, I picked up three stellar natural beauty products I now consider staples in my collection.